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Floor Restoration and Polishing in Dubai

Tyloz Cleaning offers complete floor restoration with our highly customized floor cleaning and polishing machines and tools.

Depending on the type of floor, suitable products, procedures and solutions are used so that better and satisfactory results are achieved. Our floor crystallization service is second to none, enhancing the shine and durability of marble floors.

Did you know:

  • Floor Crystallization is a highly specialized marble floor restoration and polishing process that keeps marble – and other calcium based floors e.g. terrazzo – at their highest gloss. Marble floors receiving heavy use, such as those in public buildings, will need more frequent maintenance than residential floors.
  • During crystallization, the composition of the upper layer of the marble changes to calcium fluoride. This chemical reaction on the marble surface results in a much harder, durable floor and a very glossy finish.
  • Crystallization helps protect and extend the life of your flooring. It also aids in slip resistance, an important consideration for liability purposes in public areas like hotels or restaurants.
  • Warning:Because it relies on special machines, chemicals and techniques, always hire an expert company. At TYLOZ Cleaning Services, we always ‘test first for best’. We then use non-harmful chemicals, diamond pads and the latest technology.


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What our clients say:

Good service, with excellent attention to detail and reliability. Your guys really work hard and have a level of work that surpasses every other we have come across. Keep it up!.

– Nicholas Sykes Senior Project Manager | Highgate Interiors-Design

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Our Technology

Eco-friendly Technology:

  • TASKI vento vacuum cleaner: industry-leading filtration system, significantly improved air quality during and after the vacuum operation
  • KARCHER equipment & solutions: reduced water consumption, intelligent energy efficiency, dust filtration technology, high recyclability of materials and noise pollution reduction.
  • Johnson Diversey high performance cleaning, maintenance and protection products: safety and sustainability
  • 3M cleaning and floor care products: environmentally preferred seal of approval certifications from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)
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